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Jessie Mullin Picture Museum

Listing Type: Museum
City: Lame Deer Montana
Phone: 477-6888

Description: The Jessi Mullin Picture Museum is named after my husband's mother. She took lots of pictures of the local people. James and Jessie Mullin bought the Busby Store in 1948. Later they sold it and bought the Lame Deer Trading Post in 1952. After displaying some of her pictures in the furniture store, the local people started to bring in more pictures and the museum was born.

Today we have over 400 pictures of the Northern Cheyenne and the buildings in the area, as they were in the past. We have a census report from 100 years ago which families use to trace their elders. Facts about the Native Americans who have become famous can be found here.

The museum is open all year round.

Directions: The Jessi Mullin Picture Museum is located two blocks south of the intersection of Highway 212 and 39. We are behind the IGA store.

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